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Shye Embraces a New Grungy Sound With Her Latest Single “Joke”

  • By Sadiq Shah

In an unexpected shift from her usual electronic and pop sound, 20 year old Singaporean bedroom pop singer Shye charts new territory with a darker and more atmospheric sound for her new single “Joke.”

When the haziness of an initial affection subsides and you finally see things for what they truly are — that point of realisation is what Singaporean independent artist Shye is singing about in her new single “Joke”. Fit for both a romantic or platonic context, the song channels frustration, anger, and disappointment when words do not match actions, into an anthem that vents all those emotions.

Fresh off of Chinese music competition show, Youth Pi Project, the singer is truly embracing growing up with her new experiences — and her new sound is indicative of that. The Shye we are familiar with may be a songstress that enchants with sweet vocals that sound amidst whimsical, tantalising pop or electronic soundscapes; this time, her lyricism and singing in “Joke” evokes more passion, and it’s almost a musical coming of age that we are all so excited to here and be a part of.

The song channels the “frustration, sarcasm, and derision,” into an attempt to blow off some steam and also to possibly get back some sense of control by making fun of herself for being so naive. “We are all guilty of making poor judgments at one point or another. It is annoying to realise that we can be so blind but perhaps the lesson is sometimes necessary in order for us to learn something,” laments the artist.

Which is probably why Shye’s usual sweet demeanour has been replaced by a one of an almost more coy chanteuse. She sings with sarcasm — in a high pitch while also elongating her notes — on autotune, transforming it into sounding more gritty than her usual light vocals.

The overall song sounds almost as if it was recorded in a garage, adding to the grunge element that she has said that she is steering towards for her upcoming releases. Albeit a slightly new direction, it is a side of her she is excited to be honing, laying proof of how she not only personally enjoys the music genre herself, but also how the genre is a perfect fit to her current growth spurt in artistry and sense of self.

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