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Dior Men Has Got New Jeans

  • By Charmaine Tan

Dior Men debuts the new Dior Denim capsule collection, designed by Kim Jones to explore the classic and timeless fabric. 

Time and time again, denim tirelessly reinvents itself. It’s almost automatic, a renewal that happens without the help of designers and innovators. Sure, there are factions within the denim world that speak to different crowds, the acid-wash and distressed ensembles a whole world away from your classic straight cut bottoms. But it will always remain the answer for everyday-wear, timeless and highly functional wear, equally laid-back and casual as it is the perfect canvas for self expression.

Adding to the fabric’s rich repertoire of interpretations is Dior Men, helmed by menswear connoisseur Kim Jones. Created as an original capsule that odes to blue jeans, the Dior Denim capsule explores the architectural essence of denim; pants, shirts and bobs (in different variations of more or less faded materials) offer a new freedom of movement stamped with the artisanal touch of the heritage house.

Made with eco-friendly cotton, this coincidentally capsule wardrobe comes in a range of bewitching shades, from indigo, the iconic Dior Gray and black. Punctuated by refined details that subtly echo the founding-couturier’s heritage, these objects of desire play with the Maison’s emblems like the iconic “Dior” signature, embossed on a leather patch affixed to the back pocket of some pieces; the Dior Oblique motif outlined on linings; the B33 tennis shoes completing the silhouettes of the line; a weekender bag that features an exceptional cream and navy toile dreamed up by Marc Bohan in 1967.

Shop the Dior Denim capsule collection here. Once you’re done with this story, click here to catch up with our October 2023 issue.