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Bruno Major’s New Album “Columbo” Is Music That Comes From A Pure Place

Bruno Major has no qualms being honest about what he loves and what he doesn't when it comes to his music — his art is innately ..

Getting Candid with THE BOYZ About The Journey, Music and THE Bs

Of all the groups that have been on the rise so far, THE BOYZ seem to be on a fast track towards the K-pop's main spotlight today ..

What Moves You?

And how do you move?

Dru Chen Longs for Simpler Times With His New EP “Slower Life”

"Remain true to your purpose, and lead with your heart when you are writing and producing."

Falling in Love With Laufey at Her First Ever Singapore Concert: A Review

Everything I knew about Laufey seemed to stand true, especially after attending her Asia concert.  Laufey, has made waves with h ..